Teulon Medical Clinic

The Teulon Medical Clinic is a family practice Home Clinic adjacent to the Teulon Hunter Memorial Hospital. The team consists of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and auxiliary staff.

About Us

How to become a patient

As a Home Clinic patients are required to attach to the clinic. Attaching to a clinic (rostering) acknowledges that a relationship exists between the clinic and the patient with the understanding that the majority of the patient’s primary care needs will be met and received through the clinic. Contact the clinic to obtain a Medical History Form, once it is completed and returned to the office we will be able to book an appointment. From that point further healthcare requirement can be determined.

Same Day Appointments

We endeavor to provide same day appointments for our rostered patients for acute medical conditions. Registered Nurses are available in-clinic to direct our patients to the most appropriate level of care. We cannot manage urgent or emergent conditions in our clinic.

Patient Demographics

Please ensure you advise the reception staff of any changes to your address, phone number or email address. Please remember that you must report any address change to Manitoba Health as well. Once they have sent you a new Health card the address on your chart will be changed.


Appointments can be booked in person or over the phone. We can only see our rostered patients.

Arriving late for your appointment

If you arrive late for your booked appointment you may be asked to rebook it.

Not showing up for your booked appointment

If you do not show up for your appointment the clinic is within its right to charge you a fee for the missed appointment.